100 Days in the Hot Seat

On Huffington Post there is a page with 300 photos of Obama’s first 100 days in office. They are a wonderful selection of personal, behind the scene and sometimes humorous view of the life of a president in high office.

There are two things that struck me while watching this slide show. One was that the corridors of power are predominantly peopled by white men and secondly that he seems to have coped well with the promotion.

Looking at the first point, what can one say. The world is still run by white men. Sure in Asia the men have slightly different colour skins. But the western developed world, regardless of Obama’s distinction, is still managed by white and male people.

What about the women? What about African American amongst many other groups? I know that Obama did try to get more women appointed than previous administrations. And even Bush had the odd black face in his immediate pool of advisers. But that’s the problem isn’t it. It’s the odd one out.

I wonder how the world would be governed if there were a more equitable distribution of people, a representation of everybody in the highest offices of this world.

Would there be less wars and conflict?

Would there be a more caring approach to all the peoples of this world, with a focus on eradicating disease, hunger, thirst and above all the abject poverty many many people live in rather than a full on support of ensuring a few rich people get richer?

Bears thinking about.

The other thing that struck me was that he seems to be really comfortable in his role. How often do we see somebody get promotion into a higher position and totally fail at it.

In fact the business environment has a name for it, it’s called Peter Principle. Which states that everybody eventually gets promoted beyond their capabilities. Or more accurately that every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.

I would imagine that that was the case with Bush Jnr. Heaven help us if his brother gets in next time around…. Hopefully those rumours were just rumours.

Obama has had an elegant 100 days in office. He has shone in his diplomatic travels overseas. He was a model representative at the G20 summit where he admitted to mistakes the USA had made but at the same time moved the conversation to look forward.

He has appeared fairly unruffled at home even though he was faced with a most horrific scenario on taking office. An economy in free-fall, an unresolved Iraq war, unrest in Israel, Iran. Pakistan and Afghanistan just to mention a few of the hot spots America is involved in.

The list goes on. Yet he has coped with seeming calm statesmanship. It’s a remarkable performance and one that should get global applause. Well done Mr Obama.

Source by Anja Merret

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