Custom Made Wedding Dresses – Some FAQs

Planning a wedding can be fraught with perils and pitfalls, and the subject of the dress is no exception. Here are a few FAQs that one frequently hears on the subject of custom made wedding dresses.

What’s the difference between designer and custom made wedding dresses?

Custom made wedding dresses have been made for your exact, specific measurements and to a design of your choice. They are precision-made garments for that unique and special day. The term ‘designer’ wedding dress typically means that it has been designed and made by one of the very top ‘names’ in the designer world.

What styles can I have?

Just about anything you choose – and you can be sure it will fit perfectly. While you can select long, short, traditional or modern designs, it is always worth remembering that some designs may suit some body shapes rather better than others. A good dressmaker will always provide honest and open advice although, of course, ultimately the decision is yours.

Will I need lots of visits to a shop?

That depends. Some dressmakers may operate out of a retail premises whilst others may be willing to come to your home. A large number of measurements will be made to capture your vital statistics and some dressmakers may wish to take these more than once, as your body shape may change depending upon where you are in your menstrual cycle. Eventually, you’ll have a preliminary fitting and, at that stage, some adjustments may be required. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean that the dress designer ‘got it wrong the first time.’

How long will it take to make?

It’s impossible to say as a general rule, but custom made wedding dresses are labours of love and they may take considerable time depending upon a number of factors; including how busy the dressmaker is and the materials/design you have selected. Leaving it until the last minute to organise is not recommended!

Remember, though, that you’ll need to try and stabilise your weight between the measurements, fitting and eventual ceremony. Losing or putting on lots of weight in between the fitting and the big day can spoil the fit of your precision-made dress.

Can I get a complete outfit?

Yes. Most professional dressmakers will also be only too pleased to advise on what they consider would be suitable matching lingerie and other accessories. They will also typically be able to help supply them if you wish.

Isn’t it expensive?

That very much depends upon your overall financial position, but the costs of a custom-made dress to your requirements may be less than you would imagine.

In the final analysis, your wedding day is unique. Custom made wedding dresses can help you feel just that little bit extra-special – and after all, it’s all about you isn’t it!

Source by Tatiana Porembova

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