Discover Truly Paraben Free Lotions and Creams

Ever wondered why there is such a clamor over paraben free lotions and creams? The major cosmetics companies will tell you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to these chemical preservatives being in your skin care products. Despite what these companies tell you, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary.

Scientists have for years been trying to figure out whether or not the chemicals that are commonly used in skin care products are safe. For many years people never even considered the notion of safety in cosmetics, because people really didn’t understand how much of an effect these products could have on the body. Now though, we realize that what absorbs into our skin also gets into our bloodstream, and internal tissue.

This has drawn attention to the fact that paraben free lotions and creams may be necessary if people are to maintain good health. The many studies that have been conducted on both these preservative agents and many other chemicals that are widely used have shown that they are actually toxic to the body. Several of them also contain carcinogenic properties.

Parabens have been the most widely used preservative agents in the cosmetics industry. They have also been found to be present in the tumors of breast cancer victims. This is why the European Union moved to ban all such chemical ingredients from use in skin care products. The U.S. has sought to do the same, but for some reason the courts keep ruling against them.

When you look at the results of the studies that have been conducted it is easy to see the need for paraben free lotions and creams. The major cosmetics corporations want to be able to keep on using these chemical agents however. The reason for this is despite the damage that they can do, these chemical agents are simply cheaper to use as ingredients.

What you need to do if you want to ensure that you keep your health is avoid the products that these companies are manufacturing. There are companies that are producing paraben free lotions and creams despite the fact that natural ingredients cost more to use. These are the companies that you should be getting your skin care products from, because they care about the repercussions that can come through using cosmetics products.

These companies use only the finest natural ingredients that are collected from locations all over the world. These ingredients are selected because they have been clinically tested, and proven to be the healthiest compounds for your skin that can be found. You do not have to be a victim of the popular cosmetics corporations anymore, because there are honest companies out there.

Make no mistake about it. They understand that paraben free lotions and creams are the only way to effectively treat your skin, and some of the all natural products that are being created will do things for you that no chemical based formula could possibly hope to do. These are the products that you need in order to safely change the way that you look.

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Source by Laurel Levine

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