How to Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful Forever

Almost everyone wishes to keep young and youthful looking skin well into old age. Yet, if you look around you will see that most people have allowed their skin to age decades ahead of its time. These people did not know the secrets of how to keep their skin from aging. Luckily, you do not need to follow in their footsteps. This article is going to reveal four ways to make your skin practically ageless. They are all extremely easy to implement. Lets take a look at what you need to do.

  • Supplement with omega 3 oils- This practice is absolutely critical if you desire healthy, supple skin. Omega 3 oils will greatly increase the elasticity of your skin as well as repair skin that has already been damaged. You will not be able to have ageless skin without proper intake of these critical fats. Don’t worry about gaining any weight due to the increased fat intake omega oil supplementation represents. Omega oils have actually been shown to aid in weight loss. Your skin and entire body cannot be totally healthy until you take in plenty of omega 3s. Here is the best possible way to consume omega 3 oil for maximum benefits. Buy pure cold pressed flax seed oil, widely available at grocery stores. Mix one tablespoon oil into a small bowl of cottage cheese. Do this twice daily. You will not believe how much it will help your skin and your overall health. The fats in the flax oil bind with the sulfur based proteins in the cottage cheese allowing for much better absorption and utilization. Be sure to mix them.
  • Drink lots of pure water- This is another major factor in skin and whole body health. Water flushes built up toxins and pollutants from your body and lubricates the different layers of the skin allowing wrinkles to melt away. Your skin will begin to glow after several days of increased water intake. Be sure the water you are drinking is pure. City tap water is not recommended. You can buy gallon jugs of spring water less for than a dollar. I always consume at least a half once of water for every pound of body weight. So if I weigh 150lbs I will consume at least 75oz of water per day. You may need more if you live in a hot climate.
  • Consume wheatgrass juice- I start every day with a double shot of wheatgrass juice mixed with a little cayenne pepper. This provides for huge amounts of energy during my day. I actually feel my life energy increasing after drinking a little wheatgrass juice. When your whole body becomes healthier you skin follows suit. You will likely notice that wheatgrass has the power to revitalize your skin, removing years of age in a short amount of time. It has also been shown to keep hair from graying. Don’t skip this valuable practice. Doing so will sabotage the results you get. If you don’t like the taste of wheatgrass juice all you have to do is mix it with fruit juice. You wont even be able to taste it.
  • Use a high end age reduction cream- By utilizing the more advanced anti aging skin care products you can shave a decade off of your appearance in a matter of weeks. This step will provide the most immediate results and will work synergistically with the other three practices described. You will be amazed to see what the best age reducing creams can do. I have fully researched and all of the contenders in the age reducing skin care cream market and have found one that stands out above all the rest. You can read my review of it by clicking the link in the authors box at the end of the article. I would highly recommend you look into it if you desire exceptional, ageless skin.
  • There you have it! Four skin care practices that will allow you to keep your young healthy skin for all of the years of your life. You need to make everyone of the above points into a habit that goes on automatically everyday. You will not receive the results you desire with sporadic efforts. Everything I mentioned above is easy to implement and easy to stick to. Do yourself the favor of following the skin care program I have outlined here. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

    Source by Rebecca Lynn Butler

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