Penis Enlargement through Silicone Injection – Is it Worth it?

A lot of men are ready to go to great lengths to get a bigger penis. Through the years, these men have tried any possible penis enlargement method, regardless of how ridiculous or dangerous that method was. Although there is no shortage of safe male enhancement techniques, some men seem hell-bent on putting into practice the strangest ideas and the most obscure penis enlargement techniques.

One of the lesser known penis enlargement techniques is the injection of liquid silicone into the penis and the scrotum. This is a pretty drastic approach to penis enlargement and not frequently performed. The main advantage of this technique is a significant increase in girth. Silicone injections are not the best way of increasing the length of the penis shaft, but they do wonders for girth. The results are usually impressive. The biggest gains obtained through this method amounted to more than 900 percent increase in penis volume.

However, it’s worth noting that a 900 percent increase in penis and scrotum volume renders the penis unusable for anything except urination. Moreover, the effects of silicone injections are, for better or for worse, irreversible. The injection of silicone into the penis has a high chance of disrupting tissue, blood vessels and nerves, causing loss of sensation and the inability to achieve penetration. If you think that losing the ability to have sex is too high a cost for a bigger penis, you are right. A silicone injection enlargement gone wrong turns the penis in a fashion accessory that cannot be used for sex anymore.

Other side effects include a high chance of inflammation and discoloration of the surrounding tissue. The silicone also tends to cause the formation of granulomas, which are nodules of inflamed, granulated tissue. Silicone is also known to migrate as drops of this substance spread throughout the body from the initial pocket of injected silicone. For this reason, the FDA has refused to approve the injection of liquid silicone into the body. This penis enlargement method usually makes the penis look abnormal and also leaves scars behind. Silicone can be removed from the body, but the procedure is very difficult, especially if migration has already occurred.

Silicone injection is a far too risky approach, especially when there are many other safer and easier ones on the market. Using pills, patches or traction devices is more comfortable and less risky than bringing a hazardous substance inside your body. When too many things can go wrong, it’s time to choose another path.

Source by Paul J Bryant

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