Power Up Your Personal Self-Image

Picture a person you know who is always “High on Life.” You know that person who acts and looks like she has everything. She is positive, motivated, self-confident and ready to take on the world. There is no challenge that she cannot not tackle and succeed. I bet there is a person you are thinking about already!

I know a few people like that. Honestly, they are some of the best people I know mainly because when I am around them, I want to emulate their positive attitude and their self-confidence.

Writing about your achievements provides a great way to turbo charge your self-confidence. This gives you some tangible evidence of your accomplishments and something to refer to when you experience moments of insecurity. Programming your inner voice for Positive Self-Talk is at the core of this exercise.

Not sure how to begin?

Let us get started!

On a blank sheet of paper:

1. List 8-12 things that make you special.

2. List at least 8-12 personal achievements (or as many as you like).

3. List at least 8-12 things that you are good at or can do well.

4. List ten exceptional qualities or unique things about you.

5. Write down at least one particularly attractive physical feature – even a cute pinkie toe or shapely ear lobe!

Next, try reading this to yourself out loud every morning and every evening for at least a week or two.

Be sure to tell yourself….YOU ARE TRULY FABULOUS!

On a side note, this is a great little exercise to do with kids, pre-teens and teenagers to encourage the development of positive self-esteem and self-confidence that is so very important during the development years. This is also a great exercise to give to an employee who may be struggling in this area!

Before I’m done here, I want to leave you with a personal story that was such as inspiration to me. Inspired by a Foundation Dinner I attended for my college alma mater I was reminded of the tremendous power of a positive self-image. Presentations included updates on the academic year, a state of the union and well deserved acknowledgements to faculty, staff, administration and board members. While informative, this portion of the presentation was truly a “warm up act” to the main event…. inspiring presentations from two very articulate seniors completing their final months. Their words described their personal journeys, the circumstances which brought them to this college, the obstacles they faced and the success they were able to achieve. Their stories were humbling and truly heart-moving. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Simply put, they were ordinary students who were able to achieve some very extraordinary things. Their journeys took courage, dedication and a belief in themselves. Characteristics we rely heavily on to get us through our day(s).

Reflecting on the comments shared by these students, I was reminded of the power of Positive Self Image and its importance in our overall personal happiness and individual achievements. Like these students, challenges in the form of life’s curve balls are inspirational. Maintaining your self-confidence in the throes of adversity is essential and downright difficult at times. Sometimes you just need that extra boost to your self-confidence on that day, week or month you find yourself dodging life’s challenges.

Source by Nancy A Root

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