Women and Cellulite – Why More Women Than Men Develop Cellulite

Women are quite concerned about the appearance of cellulite in their body, especially during summer months where hanging out in the beach is the top most priority. Many who suffer from this condition tend to stay away from these places where the outfit is composed of bikinis and swimsuits – after all, who want to go swimming in their pajamas.

There have been theories why this condition is common in women and rare in men. Many of these facts are plain ludicrous while others hit the market. It all boils down to genetics, hormones, and the thickness of the skin. Let’s discuss that further to get into the gist of the matter.

Genetic and Hormonal Factor

We can never deny the fact that women tend to have more active hormones than men, which is mainly due to the presence of more advanced reproductive system compared to their male counterparts. These hormones contribute to the presence of cellulite in the woman’s body.

Many believe that estrogen is the main culprit in the production and build-up of fatty substance underneath your skin, though there haven’t been many clinical facts that prove this statement. However, medical studies show that hormone receptor allele common in women that functions in distributing subcutaneous fat in the human body may be the cause of this problem — of which is genetic in nature.

Skin Architecture

Even if we don’t see subcutaneous fat on physical appearance that marks people with this condition, it doesn’t mean that it is not present underneath your skin. Men mostly get away from this physical problem due to their much thicker skin. Women, who are thin skinned by nature, makes this condition more visible to the naked eye — especially when they are wearing tight clothing.

Theory Of Menopausal

There was also a case where medical experts theorize that women under menopause are common to acquire this condition. It is a proven fact that menopausal women tend to undergo physiological changes in their body — both during and after the phase. Sudden change in hormones may cause subcutaneous fats to form faster that result to a visible build-up of these substances that seeing is quite possible.

It was also noted that women under menopause also have a habit of changing their lifestyle and habits. Excessive eating, sudden weight loss or weight gain, and the likes may also contribute to the appearance of this condition.

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