Your Skin Is an Organ As Well – Look After It

Health and beauty has increased in importance through out the world dramatically within the past 10 years. The result in being healthier means that we live longer, the more beautiful we are the more confident we become and happier in life.

We have discovered that to become healthier we need to take care of our body, our organs within our body. There are warnings over the entire world to help protect our organs from things such as smoking, drinking taking drugs. What many people do not know is that our skin is a organ in fact it is the largest vital organ in our body. If we do not look after and protect our skin, not only can it affect our good we look with an increase in acne and skincare problems or our confidence but it also affects our health.

If our skin is unhealthier we are more likely to get infections, we tend to age quicker if we have unhealthy skin.

To learn your skin type is very important to find a way to protect it, below are a list of different skin types and a product we have tested on each skin type which helps to make the skin healthier and look better!

  • Normal Skin

Skin that we all want, the skin that looks and feels great. It is not to oily, not to dry. This skin type is normally firm and smooth and generally has small pores. This skin type would be classed as healthy and would be our end goal for our skin.

  •   Dry   Skin 

This skin is normally caused by our environment, whether we are in a hot country or pollution within the air.  Dry   skin  is often flaky and though on touch. The reason we get  dry   skin  is our body either doesn’t create enough natural oils or the environment simply  dries  our  skin  to quickly.

  • Oily skin

This is often caused in the teen years when hormones are at a unstable stage, it does not have to just be in the teen years, many women experience oily skin during periods as hormones do increase. When hormones are high they create more natural oil which is designed to protect the skin, when to much is created the pores clog and bacteria attach to the oils

  • Combination Skin

Combination  skin  is when we get problems of both types above, parts of the  skin  are either  dry , normally around the cheek and nose as these experience the most sun exposure. Other areas such as the forehead, chin tend to be oily as to much natural oil is created.

  • Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin tend to get attacked by skin infections more often, get rashes and bites. The environment can be the cause of sensitive skin, having sensitive skin results in many people having negative effects to cosmetics.

Many of products have been used on different skin types and they seem to work on different skin types. What we need is a product that can help clear acne and work on all skin types to make our skin healthy

There was a product which seemed to help all different kinds of skin. It is a 3 part system, the first part was a wash which helped to clear acne, blackheads which also helped to stop the  dry   skin  from being as  dry , giving it more of a natural look. The second part of the product was a protection cream which seemed to help people with sensitive skin as it created a protective layer, protecting the skin from harmful sun rays and bacteria in the air. The final step of the product was a pill which helped to balance the amount of oil that was created which resulted in oily skin becoming more natural.

With the 1st step and the pill this also helped to cure combination skin. By using this product you can get the normal skin you want and have a healthy skin which will last longer and make you look healthier.

Source by Martyn Slack

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